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Common Problem

Q: Can unregistered users make purchases in the MARY 5IVE online store?
A: Users do not need to register to become a MARY 5IVE member before shopping. However, you still need to fill in the order information and shipping method.

Q: What are the benefits of registering as a MARY 5IVE member?
A: After becoming a MARY 5IVE member, you can know our latest products and offers.

Q: I forgot my login password, what should I do?
A: You can click "Forgot your password" on the login page of this website, and then enter your email address so that we can send the verification code.

Q: How to shop?
A: You can click checkout on the product page of MARY 5IVE, or click the shopping cart button to checkout

Q: payment method
A: MARY 5IVE welcomes guests to pay by VISA, Mastercard, paypal, ATM transfer or visit the store

Q: Delivery method
A: You can pick it up in person at the store, or pick up the goods by SF Express

Q: How to check out?
A: The total amount of the order will be displayed on the checkout page, including credit card discounts and shipping (if applicable). Please click "Go to Payment" and you will be taken to the Payment Service page to make the payment. You need to enter your credit card information on this page. When the system completes the procedure, you will receive an email about the order details.

Q: How to return/exchange if the goods are damaged?
A: Every MARY 5IVE product has a 1-year warranty, but our company does not provide return-type exchange services for the time being

Q: I do not live in Hong Kong. Can I shop at MARY 5IVE online store?
A: Of course, MARY 5IVE can also provide overseas delivery

If you have any enquiries, please email to or call 3547 0338. Thank you.